Sam stuck by us through a long home buying process. We had nearly given up hope of finding a home we could afford in a neighbourhood we truly wanted to live in, but Sam persevered. Sam’s friendliness and know-how with other agents helped us to negotiate our desired price and closing and finally got us our perfect condo!

T. Woodford

I took a job in a new city (half way across the country), and needed to rent my condo on a very tight timeline. Samantha was instrumental in taking fantastic photos, creating a great listing, and having a lease signed within hours of posting everything. Samantha went above and beyond making sure my new tenant had everything they needed, all the paperwork was taken care of, and all the financials were covered on all ends – all while I was in another province. She’s professional, pleasant, kind, and very knowledgeable. I literally couldn’t have done this without her.

A. Smith

Samantha is the inclusive, ethical realtor you want when you’re looking for a new home! We had nothing but a great experience when we asked for help. She asked all the right questions and kept up with great communication. Hope to work with you again in the future!

A. Sorrell

We decided to sell our Etobicoke home in 2018 to downsize and move slightly more north. We appreciated Samantha’s efforts in helping us clean, organize and stage our home. By the time she was done prepping it for sale, it was even harder to leave because it had never looked better. Samantha wasn’t just guiding us or recommending us throughout the process, she was elbow deep in the work with us. She brainstormed and executed everything perfectly, using state of the art technology for the listing, all completed in a timely fashion. She made our home go from two lazy nerds living in a space to a home that belonged in a magazine cover! Thank you so much for getting our house ready and selling it Samantha!

K. Moore & J. Stringham

Samantha was not only great at finding me a place that fit all our needs but she was a lovely person to converse with at showings! It made the very stressful apartment hunt during a pandemic less stressful. She worked extra hard to make sure that we did not sacrifice on any of our expectations.

L. Safa

I recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver and had been staying in temporary accommodations while on a very tight timeline to find a permanent address. After unsuccessfully trying to find suitable properties and schedule viewings around a demanding work schedule, I engaged Samantha’s services to help alleviate this strain.

This was my first time using a professional such as Samantha, and I am happy to say that I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Samantha promptly provided me with a long (but thoroughly vetted) list of properties that she felt were up to my criteria. After I spent ten minutes shortlisting the properties, Samantha arranged a half dozen viewings to occur on a single day, all while taking my schedule into consideration.

Words cannot express what a relief this was – I have very little time outside of work to do things like find properties, much less organize viewings. Samantha’s ability to take this burden off my shoulders, in an effective fashion no less, was a genuine blessing. 

Samantha’s professionalism, diligence, and thoroughness made my move a much more pleasant experience. Even when things were going wrong due to the actions of a third party, she went above and beyond to prevent this issue from causing any undue strain on my move.

I would have no hesitation recommending Samantha to any friends or family, and would encourage any property seekers to at least have a conversation with her!

R. Ackerman

Samantha has a lovely way about her. I love down to earth people. Samantha is just that and works hard for her clients. I’ve seen it first hand.

M. Ellison

My partner and I had been looking for an apartment in Toronto for an entire year but never got a foot in the door due to the competition, and the fact that I was on a fixed income (ODSP) wasn’t making it any easier. An acquaintance got me in touch with Samantha, and everything changed for the better! Right from the get-go she was incredibly thorough and professional. She gave it to us straight, and helped us narrow down what we were looking for and what would work for us. She was incredibly accommodating and flexible when it came down to my disability; I never felt rushed to make a decision, and I knew she wanted what was best for us. Incredibly LGBT and disability friendly and inclusive, which is always a wonderful added bonus!

Before I had dreaded going to viewings, but I honestly had a great time to viewings with Samantha; she has a great outgoing personality that makes you feel comfortable with her instantly. When it came time to put in offers, she was patient with us and answered all and any questions we had with the process very clearly, and went out of her way to secure an apartment that was a great fit for us. We couldn’t be happier, and our new apartment is the perfect space for us; the process was much easier and quicker than if we continued to look at places ourselves.

All in all, working with Samantha was an incredible experience and I’d recommend her services to anyone stressed about renting or buying a home. She makes the experience much less daunting and goes above and beyond to connect with her clients on an empathetic and human level.

C. Oosterhoff

Very knowledgable, kind and attentive. I would recommend Samantha to everyone. I feel like she went above and beyond in helping us find our new home and negotiate the lease.

L. Todesco

Samantha was great and took me to so many places before I found a place that was just right. I have a unique circumstance and she went above and beyond to show me places that would work for the needs I have. As a renter, its really important to know that my agent has great ethics and actually cares about me. She held my hand through the whole process and I’m so happy in my new home. She found me a great fit and I bet she can find one for you too.

G. McLean

Sam was excellent to work with. She knew her business very well, and helped me to find a place that suited my needs. She was very attentive to the details, and what I was looking for in a new place. A+

M. Fenrick

Samantha was great. We used her to find a place in the Oakville area. She was quick to put together a list of places and arrange showings. I found her to be professional, engaging, and knowledgeable.

J. Leggett

Samantha was great! She took us around to lots of homes and was determined to find us the perfect place. She was also great with communication and timely responses and timely setting up of viewings. We felt very well taken care of!

L. Mandel

I’ve never worked with a realtor to find a rental before, and after working with Samantha I can’t imagine doing it any other way. She asked all the important questions, including many I wouldn’t have ever thought to ask. She was extremely professional and personable, with me as well as the other realtors and landlords. Samatha’s knowledge of the neighbourhood was an added bonus—and the extra information made my decision that much easier. If you’re thinking about working with a realtor, I can’t recommend Samantha highly enough!

S. Davidson