How I Work

Real estate is about much more than numbers and market conditions. Anyone with a license can look up statistics and comparable properties and tell you how to price your home or what offer to make.

My clients hire me for more than that.

They know that understanding the psychology behind buyer and seller motivations can be that final puzzle piece that gets a deal done.

Even with investment properties, real estate negotiations are often a heightened emotional experience. Sellers think their home is better than everyone else’s and buyers want to get it for less. My training as a Professional Real Estate Negotiatior (PREN), combined with my inate empaty and communication skills, plus a 20 year carerer in marketing, community building, and relationship coaching, all combine to help keep you informed and the other side willing to work together.

I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and bring that energy to every real estate negotiation. In my efforts to get you the best deal on your sale or purchase, I work hard to connect to the agents on the other side, ensuring I ask the right questions and share the right information. 

A few extra highlights on my work ethic as your Realtor:

  • Communication is key – However you like to stay in touch works for me. This whole process can be overwhelming, so I’m here to adapt to your needs.
  • Clear milestones & deliverables – Before, during, and after a sale or lease, there can be a lot of checkboxes to tick. I make everything easy to follow with all the info you need readily available.
  • No pressure – I will always offer my informed opinion on things, but every decision is yours to make. I will never pressure my clients in order to make a quick buck.
  • Honest & supportive – Anything I help you with is going to influence your future. I always promise to be direct, clear, and kind to help you make a decision you’ll be happy with for a long time to come.