Black Lives Matter

To my White colleagues and clients. I’ve often heard suggestions about keeping the personal out of business. Or keeping politics away from LinkedIn and other professional spaces. But our Black colleagues and community don’t have that luxury. 

Our “choice” to keep these spaces politics free is 100% a result of our privilege. Whereas for the Black community their lives are politicized every single day. It IS personal for them. And yet we still expect them to “keep it professional.” This is unfair, hypocritical, and a symptom of systemic racism. It is not enough to be not racist, we must be anti-racist.

If we are not supporting our Black friends and neighbours by speaking out about the horror that they experience on the regular, and especially during key moments in our history right now, we are no better than the individuals keeping them down.

Black Lives Matter. Always. Not just when it’s convenient. I hope they do to you too.

20 Organizations Canadians Can Support in the Fight for Racial Equality (via Global Citizen)