Meet Samantha

1904209_10154311148290032_1712733857307888949_nSamantha is the owner of many figurative hats. A sex-positive, realistic, and intersectional femmeinist – when not working her day job in non-profit digital media advocacy – she’s a happiness coach and consultant, non-monogamy and kink advocate, event producer, and general facilitator of good times and feelings. Samantha is also the author of the book Not Your Mother’s Playground: A realistic guide to honest, happy and healthy open relationships.

As the founder of Playground sexuality conference, returning in February 2018 to Toronto for its sixth year, she brings a sense of community building to everything she does and believes strongly in the healing – and strengthening – powers found in developing empathetic communication skills and deepening honest vulnerability.

On a personal note, Samantha is well versed in the intimidating ups & downs of uncertain romantic or sexual times, following dreams vs. paying bills, dealing with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, as well as knowing when to keep pushing vs. when to recharge.

As a self-described “project person”, she knows what it’s like to have goals and occasionally to feel like those goals are completely out of reach. Her coaching style is empathetic, patient, and kind while also full of tough love, when necessary, because she understands the importance of having a sounding board and being held accountable.

In addition to coaching, she is available for speaking appearances, writing gigs, freelance projects, and press appearances. Samantha is also the co-producer of the monthly Toronto-based sexy storytelling event and accompanying podcast, Tell Me Something Good.

When she’s not working, she occasionally writes on her personal blog, shares too much information with Twitter, runs a craft business on the side, watches a lot of Star Trek, and visits every single tiki bar she can find.