Do you want to open up your relationship or are you currently in an open relationship & want to hear from and talk to others to get other perspectives? In this interactive workshop, Samantha Fraser goes through the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects of consensual non-monogamy for both beginners and the experienced.

You’ll receive insight into tried and true practices, learn effective ways to communicate what you need and want, tackle issues like jealousy and rules, and leave with new ideas to help you open your heart and body to more than one person.

Topics covered will include:

  • What is non-monogamy;
  • What about jealousy?
  • Communication;
  • Where to meet people;
  • Coming out;
  • Much much more …

Feel free to bring questions if you feel comfortable sharing your stories or simply sit back and listen. Monogamous people looking to improve their communication style can also benefit from this workshop.