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Happiness & Success Coaching can be exactly what you need to succeed in life; a conversation built with the aim of helping you set and reach your goals. Goals in your career, your relationship, your bedroom, and the rest of your life.

“Ok that’s great, but sounds a bit hoakey, no?”

Don’t worry, I get it. Coaching might sound at first like a practice aimed either at bohemians or the rich, not everyday people like yourself but I like to think of it as personal training for your life. Coaches can provide an unbiased sounding board for your ideas and a push in the right direction to implement them. Coaching can also help offer the simple validation of knowing that “you’re ok.”

When we work together, I bring my years of personal expertise as an educator and advocate to the table to help you reach your goals and sort through any of the clutter in your mind. My approach is inclusive, intersectional, feminist, and non-judgmental.

All of my coaching is focused on helping you find your happiness in any and all aspects of your life, however I specialize in sex-positive conversations around consensual non-monogamy, kink and BDSM, and general sexuality / relationship discussions.

Who Are Relationship Coaching Clients?
Clients are often people:

  • Wanting to work on their relationships by learning new communication skills;
  • Wanting to improve their sex lives or explore new areas of focus like kink;
  • New to or struggling with consensual non-monogamy;
  • Wanting to switch or improve their careers;
  • Who realize they can be much more successful with outside help;
  • Planning on starting their own business or freelance career;
  • Wanting to change something or have more in their life;
  • Who feel something is missing from their happiness;
  • Dealing with chronic pain and / or mental illness and trying to adjust.

There can be many reasons that people decide to work with a coach. Yours might be listed above, or perhaps there is something else that speaks directly to your dreams. Whatever it is that you want to succeed with, contact me to set up your free 1/2 hr trial session today!