Samantha lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband and their three cats. She lives to be a diplomatic devils advocate and uses her eclectic life experiences, good and bad, to help give her perspective that she brings to her coaching practice.

Born in England, Samantha moved to Nova Scotia, Canada at age 8 and after many moves around various towns has come to call the west end of Toronto, Ontario home. She believes that everyone deserves to be happy and that within each of us exists the framework to do so. Having dealt with highs and lows in employment as well as the loss of her father and step-brother, she is no stranger to adversity and lives to help others overcome their stumbling blocks.

Sharing experiences -good and bad – with others is her passion, as is studying people, discussing sex, non-monogamy and sexuality, taking pictures, Tweeting and lying under trees without a care in the world.

Read her manifesto here.